Why Aloe Vera?

Australians know all too well the damage sunburn can do. When skin is burnt, it needs time to heal. Harsh ingredients won't do much to help, but one effective plant will get straight to the point - your summer go-to, aloe vera.
Our brand is built on the natural healing ability of aloe barbadensis - so what makes this unique plant so powerful?
We all know aloe vera immediately soothes and cools the skin, helping to calm any redness and repair damage. But did you know it offers a multitude of other benefits?
Free Radical Defence
Aloe Vera juice is rich in micronutrients that actively fight against free radical damage on a cellular level. Free radicals are unstable molecules that can cause damage to your skin. The antioxidants in Aloe Vera (vitamins C and E among others) help to stabilise the molecules and stop them from causing damage.
Certain compounds in aloe vera are naturally antibacterial, making it effective in killing germs on the skin.
Wound Healing
Aloe vera has been traditionally used to heal wounds, including bites and scratches. Numerous studies have shown its ability to accelerate the wound healing process and reduce inflammation.
Relief from pain and itchiness:
Aloe vera's natural properties provide relief from skin discomfort, including pain and itchiness. It can be a soothing remedy for various skin irritations, used year-round.
To ensure the potency of our aloe vera gel, we've taken extra steps to enhance its effectiveness. We've minimized the use of common fillers like green dyes and excess water, focusing on ingredients that not only maintain the high concentration of aloe vera but also improve its absorption and leave a silky feel on your skin.
Your skin deserves the best, and our aloe vera gel delivers just that.

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